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Hkmp5sd wrote:

Actually it was Bush(41) in 1989 that banned the importation. What he essentially did was to order ATF to re-examine the definition of "sporting firearms." As a result, a whole list of firearms were banned from importation because they had too many "military style" features. Any rifle with a pistol grip and detachable magazine suddenly became "not suitable for sporting purposes."

What Clinton did was make a deal with China. If they would quit importing Norinco AKs, SKSs and ammunition, he would grant them "Most Favored Nation" status.

Unfortunately for him, as a result of the breakup of the USSR, a host of countries were standing by to replace Chicom AKs and the SKS made the C&R list.


Looks as if you caught me in an error. Reading your post, which sort of shook my memory, correctly re it's direction I hope, you are correct.

Those vaunted heroes of "F Troop" as they are sometimes known, also those JBT's, among other sobriquets, prostituted themselves to the antics of Bush 41, in "re-examining" or "reviewing" their classification 0f imported semi-automatic rifles. Of course, this has nothing to do with Clinton's anti gun antics and activities, which as my memory, possibly inadequately describes, Clinton having exceeded the boundaries of Executive Orders.

By the way, what has been described as the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban, even if it were still inforce, would not have "banned" or otherwise effected it's first "Assault Weapon" or "Assault Rifle", as such were PREVIOUSLY addressed in the National Firearms Act of 1934. NONE of the firearms effected by The Clinton Ban, in the configurations that were comercially imported into this country were SELECTIVE FIRE CAPABLE, as imported. This might be a minor detail but then The Devil Is In The Details, and Executive Orders are a device to easily subject to abuse, as is the case with Civil Asset Forfeiture, as it is practiced.
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