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wow, what an ignorant statement about the creedmoor. The real fact when it comes to maximizing ballistics in a short action is that the 6.5 smashes on the .308. Not only does the creedmoor have less drop, it has less wind drift, and more energy at extended ranges with less recoil. It has the edge on the .308 hands down, and does the .260 rem, 6.5x47L. The VLD type bullets in the 6.5 140grn class have a higher BC than anything the 308 can push. There are also many, many great bullets available in 6.5, Berger vlds, SMK's, A-Max, Scenars, in 120 to 142grns all have high BC and slip through the wind. As for cost, last I checked, Hornady 6.5 creedmoor ammo is cheaper than good 308 match ammo. As for the creed vs the 260, well it could go either way here as far a ballistics. Both are nearly identical. The creed is a tad shorter in over all length will less case capacity, but that will allow you to seat longer heavy bullets into a short action without the bullet intruding into the case. The creedmoor also has a stronger case design than the .260 with a sharper 30 degree shoulder. On the other hand the .260 might feed better out of a magazine because it does have more body taper. As for killing power, the 6.5 has proven it's self for over 100 years in Europe. The 6.5x55 has killed many Moose and done it well. Thin, heavy bullets with high SD's penetrate a long way. I can't understand why Americans don't like 6.5s?
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