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Try to check your local news BEFORE you leave home or listen to a local radio station on the way to work. No satellite radio in-town.

Plan a couple of different ways, two short ones and a longer route, to get to work. The longer route should incorporate higher ground or elevated land/roads to be able to see further ahead or down the road.

Avoid the seedy areas of town when possible, especially at night.

Have a cell phone with you and, if a riot starts, call into the work area to see how other people got to work and what routes that they might have used. Also see if they can see anything presently happening nearby. If there is a riot going on near your workplace or in front of your workplace, don't risk trying to get there. Stay away and check in with people from time-to-time. If you can't make contact at all, don't go in to work. That would be your major clue something is dreadfully wrong.

Scan ahead of where you're at about 2 or 3 blocks ahead. Anything seem unusual, carefully change your route. Also note fire departments, rescue stations and police departments along the way to and from work. Have a plan to get to one of those if things start to get bad.

Plan to have "camouflaged weapons" with you in your car or vehicle. What I'm talking about is carry something like a carpenter's belt with a roofer's hammer in the side loop. Maybe a couple of flat sheath-like knives tucked into the holster area of where other tools like a small level, a small flashlight, maybe some nails, string, wire and so on are also carried. Keep a small bottle of water in the pouch or holster too along with an energy bar to give you a snack and a little something to drink. You might also carry extra clothing, some old, like what a construction worker would have, along with some worn but comfortable boots or shoes. You might also want to have a mirror of some sort to help you look around corners before you expose yourself to possible rioters, gangbangers, police or other people you might want to avoid. Matches and/or a lighter might also be in order too. You could also have a walking stick to use to help you get around too. Some of those sticks are hollow on the inside so you can also put stuff in them. If you get a metal walking stick, camouflage it to look like wood.
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