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Friend turns and says.. We're all waiting, and you need to be patient like the rest of us.

Guy deliberately fans back his coat and grips a holstered handgun.
That's brandishing at least, no question. A clear threat.

I think the woman should have RUN, screaming "gun", out of the line to a safe location and called 911. Running demonstrates her fear for her life and sounds the alarm.

Admittedly that gives the brandisher what he wanted, her place in line, but personal safety is more important. The law would have evened things up Especially, as I wager this person did not have a CCL; at least I hope not, in which case being found in illegal possession of a firearm would have ensured her story was believed.

But seriously, what was the gunman going to do in this situation, worst case? Unless he was out of his mind, nothing! He had no realistic options. In fact, nothing did happen when the woman turned her back on him (somewhat ill-advisedly, but courageous). It is clear she knew nothing about gun law or strategy, and in her circumstances, her reaction was the least likely to escalate the situation. And she gave up nothing. A win!

The lesson here is that everyone, armed or not, should know something about how to react when a gun is produced aggressively.

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