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This post is from the S&W forum by bdGreen

I use Photobucket at ''

It's free...



3. Have your image stored on your hard drive.

4. You will see a square empty box about midway down on your screen with a blue box with white lettering that says:


5. Double tap "CHOOSE FILES"

6. Browse to the directory on your hard drive where the image is stored.

6. Double click the image file name.

7. The file will automatically download and will now be stored on your Photobucket page. It will remain stored there until you delete it.

8. For posting to a forum go to the image of your choice. Below that image find the blue 'IMG code' line. (Pale yellow background box with fine black lettering.)

11. Place your cursor on the text 'IMG code' and tap the left mouse button one time which will turn the box background blue.

12. While it is now white lettering with a blue background press the right mouse button and select 'COPY'.

13. Open up a new post on the Forum or respond to an existing one.

14. Place your cursor in the dialogue box.

15. Press the right mouse button and select 'PASTE'.

16. The whole image title should be in the dialogue box with the brackets and [IMG] at the first of the string and brackets [/IMG] at the end of the string.

17. If you "Post Now", your post will have just your image. Now is the time to add your text. Just don't disrupt the format of the pasted image.

18. If your image is much too large you can go back to Photobucket and use their "EDIT" button to resize your image. Or, you can go back to your own photo editor for a resize and resubmit the image.

I find that if you size your images to 800 pixels wide you will get maximum page size without being too large. That is providing your picture was taken at a nominal size to begin with. If your picture started out smaller than that then leave it so it won't be distorted by a resize.

One word of caution. Once you have posted your pictures and submitted them to the post if you go back into Photobucket and delete the image all of your posts will lose that image.

Good Luck
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