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Kraig, No one has said he won't see benefits... Just not an actual simulation of 200 yards by shooting half size at 100... I used to shoot 20 gauge hulls at 100 with my .22lr to tighten my 75 yard hunting to the point that head shooting squirrels was too easy unless they running. But to practice for 200 yard shots with a levergun by shooting a half size target does little. The BDC is many inches if not a foot or more at 200 with a .30-30 flat nose. So to practice 200 you need to learn barrel rise as well as target acquisition... But hey I used to love to try to put a .22lr thru the spent primer on the bottom of hulls at 100 with a .22 and it was not only fun but to hit my mark I really had to snooker down on my breathing and grip... I missed 75% or so but these were off hand shots with iron sights on both a marlin 60 and a S&W .22 pistol... man I miss my eagle eye vision back then as a 2o sumthin young guy!
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