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100 yeard reduced targets are great. You can do your rapid fire strings and work on your offhand.

You dont get the wind but dont let anyone tell you you dont get any benifits from reduced target shooting.

When my rapid fire scores start to slide, I dig out the reduced targets and run through several strings. The 600 yard Prone Slow fire reduced to 100 yards is great too.

I want to see all who say you cant get any benifit from reduced targets, clean some 600 yard reduced targets from a prone unsupported position.

When you can do that constently, and the same for the SF Offhand, then come and tell me reduce targets offer no benifits.

Yes you dont get the value of dealing with wind and mirage you would get at 600 yards. But you arnt gonna get any wind and mirage experience sitting by the fire, when the range is snowed in, either.
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