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No way, he pulled back his coat as if to say, "you can't talk back to me, I HAVE A GUN!" which is also to say, "I'll shoot you if you don't shut up" NO WAY! If someone did that to my loving Girlfriend of 5 years (My common law wife until i can afford the perfect ring) My internal Bomb would detonate and i'd break that guy's Arm.... Call me brash or even stupid but a threat is a threat and i will not take that lightly! Pointing at your gun is saying, "i have it and will use it" which tells me i can defend myself. I'm sorry your friend came across that useless waste of space. I can't help but think about how much it makes me mad that my innocent brother was killed needlessly while Dirtbags like him are allowed to walk free... But i guess if it was perfect it'd be called Heaven, not earth. Glad to hear she's ok.
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