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My hand.

I Didn't think, my hand just went to my handle, i unbuttoned it and pulled it out probably and inch or two to make sure it wasn't stuck or obstructed by anything incase they didn't stop advancing... I'm sure it was obvious, but based on their reaction (Or the lack there-of) i think they thought i was bluffing. I looked at the guy in front of me, and as loud and as tough as i could i said "what the F*CK do you want?!" (but my tone of voice said, i don't know you and i'm not messing around here...) and i looked at the other two afterward so they knew the statement went for them too. They stood there for a second and then turned around and split up. I picked my bag up with my weak hand and walked to my car with gun out. (Yes they were gone, but i hadn't seen WHERE they'd gone) I started it and got the heck out of there. I was so shakey that i couldn't find my key hole or button my holster. It sucked.

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