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FALPhil alan:



Please see and consider the following.
As memory serves, if I'm wrong, give me a shout The Clinton Assault Weapons Ban, as it was described/called blocked the import of a number of semi-automatic rifles, it was close to 200, despite propaganda claiming otherwise.

Fair enough, manufacturers removed some of the offending features, NONE of which created that "selective fire weapon, usually of rifle configuration, chambered for an intermediate power cartridge, the definition of "assault rifle". Slick Willie, in response issued an Executive Order, I do not recall it's number, that tried to block the importation of the above referenced "semi-automatic rifles", rifles that met the requirements, "cosmetic requirements" of the Assault Weapons Ban. I assume that people remember that, though perhaps they don't.

As I understand things, this constitutes a grievous misuse of the Executive Order, that is supposed to FACILITATE the enforcement/operation of enacted legislation, not to go BEYOND the enactments. As I recall, The Congress did nothing to "defund" the So-called Assault Weapons Ban, or the very questionable use of that Executive Order.
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