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Multiple BG's

So last night i was walking to my car after leaving the gym, as i approached my car a guy walked toward me at my 12:00, and two guys came out from behind two seperate cars, one at my 10:30 and one at my 2:30, they all had eye contact on me. Since there's 2 feet of snow on the ground the plows are having trouble keeping up and i had to park 3 blocks away in an alley. I was alone so when i saw them quickly approachin i stopped, dropped my gym bag and unclipped my holster button and firmly asked their business. They all stopped, sized me up and turned around and went thier seperate ways saying nothing.... I couldn't help but think that if they had drawn their weapons, i wouldn't have known what to do, except to take cover behind the nearest car (Which was a red Cavalier on my 4:30, i was really proud of myself to have identified that with my periferal vision. I had always thought that if it ever came down to it, i'd have gotten tunnel vision.) anyway, how do you effectively control crowd?

That was the most puckering situation i've ever experienced and i did NOT enjoy it. But Damn i'm glad i had my Trusty USP with me or i'd have most certainly been in trouble.
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