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Mike in VA

Personally, if I was trying to ask someone a question in a parking lot and that person is yelling at me AND is preparing to draw a weapon, I don't care how legitimate my need is, I'm walking away. For all I know, you're a psycho who is incapable of being reasoned with by anyone. I'm not looking to get in a shooting battle with anyone if I have the opportunity to avoid it.

As for me being threatened... As I've stated in previous posts, a man 40 yards away who says he wants to speak to you is not high on my threat radar. Hell. I just walked my dog in a park where, in previous times, a man used to circuit, yelling obscenities at the top of his lungs. He just became part of the scenery. This evening, walking out of the park, I could hear the local druggies discussing things in pitch darkness, 20 yards up the hill from me. Do I draw a weapon then? (Actually, I can't since I'd need to have at least 3 documented instances of threats to my life in order to be even considered for a CCW in my fair state.)

So what would I do? I'd follow the law in my jurisdiction and retreat away from the perceived threat. I don't care if I'm the one running away, even if I do have a gun. I don't mind looking foolish if I can avoid using deadly force and all the legal headaches that accompanies it. If they don't clearly demonstrate an attempt to take my life, I'm not allowed to use deadly force, even in my home until all avenues of retreat are closed to me. That being said, if I'm awakened by someone who breaks down my door, sets off the alarm and STILL keeps coming upstairs, I'll be waiting with my weapon, unlike one of my neighbors who had that happened to her in July and was killed.
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