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Look then shoot, or shoot then look

I will be keeping a shotgun for home defense in the near future (and will be taking a course on home defense), but I have been thinking about what I would do in the event somebody breaks in. I'm sure this would be covered in the course, but I'd like to hear what everybody thinks about this situation.

Say you are in your bedroom and you hear glass breaking downstairs. I'd assume the best thing to do would be to get your wife to grab the phone, and both of you go hide in a corner, with the shotgun pumped & loaded, aiming at the entry way to the bedroom while the police are being called.

My main question is this: do you wait to get a glimpse of the person who comes through the door first, or do you simply pull the trigger at any movement behind/coming through the door? Do you turn on bedroom lights if you hear someone breaking in, or hide in the dark in the corner (which would prevent you from seeing who is coming in)?
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