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More pimer info-- Some guys tell me that large rifle primers
in Magtech and other brands that make brass 12 ga cases
are more powerful than shotgun primers in brass cases.
First of all there is no major mfg selling loaded brass ammo
so their isn't lot of them out there with shotgun primers,
that have to meet industry specs and reliability.
It is mainly reloaders doing it. The large rifle primers are
flat on top once loaded in the case and they are not real
hard metal so they give real good ignition, hence the thinking
they are stronger than shotgun primers. But if shotgun primers
are ignited ok they do have a little more power as can be
seen in my smaller shotgun barrel tests where the flame
comes out the end of the 28ga barrel to see easy, and
you see how far the flame extends. And lab tests show that if
both ignited ok that shotgun primers are stronger.
I've had too many click bangs and the purpose of this
bunch of tests is to get primer reliability for guys reloading
slugs with all the variances in cases, headspace, firing
pin strength, different powders etc. So others don't
get misfires and delayed ignition. ED
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