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A mugging at gunpoint constitutes a threat on your life. A mugging at gunpoint is justification for stopping the threat using potentially deadly force. Don't blame the victim.
I agree completely but I don't see any blame directed at the victim. If I have a reasonable chance at disabling my assailant or mugger, I'll take it. Guns or fists or feet, whatever. That doesn't change the point I was trying to make which is two fold:

1)Many people on this forum have stated that a gun fight starts when someone threatens them with a gun. That simply is not true.

2) The best gunfight is one that doesn't happen. If I have a means of escape from a situation that I think has a higher probability of safety, I take it. Shooting is the LAST option not the first.

But this has gotten off track.... My initial point was the appropriate reaction to the mugging in the OP. Muggings in general are too varied to provide an easy answer. In the OP, with 4 guys pointing guns at you, it is SUICIDE to attempt to draw on them. It could also be a very bad situation if they searched you and found your gun. Hence, my original point. Those exact people, in that exact situation, were better off unarmed.
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