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I thought you'd like that. It's amazing how the human brain works -- and how easily we're led astray by our own perceptions.

Check out this magic trick, for example:

It's a great video about a color changing card trick. Don't read the comments before viewing the video, of course!

(Discussed in more detail here:

As fascinating as this stuff is, and as amusing as it can be, it really has huge implications for anyone interested in self-defense -- both in terms of personal awareness (are you as observant as you think you are?) and in terms of how we present our actions and beliefs to the authorities after a shooting event (did you really see everything you thought you saw?).

Anyway, all this is one reason I've kind of slowed down on posting in this type of thread. There are lots of people who're aware of what they're up against when it comes to observing the world around 'em (and bless 'em for it!). But sometimes it seems as if these knowledgeable voices are too often shouted down by people who like the Oracles of old, see all, know all, and tell a great deal more than that!

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