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Originally Posted by peetzakilla
Your own definition proves my point. The mere presence of a gun is not "violence". It most certainly is IMPLIED violence which is why you must act in a manner that keeps it implied.
Alright, I was in a pretty bad mood yesterday, and have since calmed down. Based on your reply, it is my opinion that you have a narrow and simplistic view of the term violence. Yes, the presence of a gun is not violence, I agree. But when the gun is being directly used to threaten death or serious injury to you, it is not the mere presence of the gun, and it is violence, whether the gun is utilized as threatened or not. Same scenario with any weapon, not just a gun. Please reread my definition of violence, then cross-reference that with the definition of mugging. Even without a weapon, the use of force is used to make you surrender your possessions, and that is violence. Really read the definition. It even defines harsh language as violence. A nonviolent mugging would require the criminal to politely ask you to surrender your possessions without forcing or threatening you. Sounds like the Salvation Army collectors to me . I mean really read the definition of violence, then look at the definition of mugging, think about them both, and then tell me that nonviolent muggings are possible. The definitions I cited are in post #27, which I tell you so that you and others can easily find them. I don't mean to dwell on this, but come on, I'm right and I know it. Moving on...
Originally Posted by peetzakilla
The best gunfight is one that didn't happen. Let's not go down the "He started the gunfight by pulling on me..." road. A gunfight doesn't start until someone pulls the trigger
A mugging at gunpoint constitutes a threat on your life. A mugging at gunpoint is justification for stopping the threat using potentially deadly force. Don't blame the victim.

Not saying this particular mugging should have been resisted (I mean, they're alive, right?), just saying that other hypothetical muggings start to get murky really fast.
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