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My dad always told me this, When dealing with an armed robber who has you at gun point, if you decide to draw, you have to;

1)Find gun with your hand
2)Unclasp button/move clothing
3)Draw weapon
4)Aim (even quick target aquisition counts)
5)Pull Trigger

The BG has to
1) Pull Trigger.

How fast are you?

As for situational awareness goes, i give a stern look to anyone even looking in my direction, and if they are within ten or fifteen feet of me i VERY Loudly ask "Can I help you?" I get alot of looks like "what a psycho" and "man that guy is a dick" But i've never been mugged... I've never even been solicited for spare change! And my girlfriend loves it because she says she never worries about being bothered when we're together. (which has it's withdrawls, as she loves to shop and i HATE IT!!! But i ALWAYS go with her)

It comes down to this, if i don't know you, and you're walking toward me, Especially if you're between my 3:00 and 9:00 I'm going to address you, and ask your business. (I.E. Hey, do you need something?) and if i get anything other than, "nope just walking home" Then i move to my aggressive stance (which is, turn and face you with my hands free of pockets) and hold my ground until the person has either walked by or changed direction. I may sound like a bully but I just want to make it home every night and unlike them, I KNOW that i have no intention to hurt anyone. My Kickboxing teacher always said that when someone starts talking crap or acting tough, you should leave. But if you can't, and you're sure that a fight is iminent, Lose your mind and scream like a psycho! Go over the top and yell like a rabid Grizzly... Become the aggressor, but not in a provoking mannor. I've done this at countless parties when i was in highschool, and the drunk bad ass never knows what to think or do... They are in awe. They turn around and walk out, yes i may look like a moron. BUT I"M SAFE! I don't care what that stranger thinks about me. Because i'll probably never see them again, and i'll be unharmed.
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