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Does anyone think that his tune has changed?

Yep, I do. I haven't read the SGN article so can't comment. But Rahm Emmanuel has said that the Clinton administration got sidetracked with issues that were dear to their (Billary's) heart but for which they were not elected, like gays in the military. He also said that the Obama should, and will, focus on what he got elected to do.

The chief of staff works for the president, and Obama did not run on an anti-gun agenda. The president has much bigger issues on his plate. Reviving the economy, health care, tax policy and balancing the budget, Iran and the Israel/Palestine question, reducing dependence on foreign oil, global warming, and a few other matters are undoubtedly higher on his, and the national, agenda than nibbling away at gun ownership, which would infuriate gun owners but not get as much credit from the public at large.

Notice that ever since Obama won the Democratic nomination, he has been repudiating the left wing positions he took to get the nomination and veering to the center. He said he would take public financing for his campaign. And then he didn't. He said he would vote against the wiretapping immunity bill for telephone companies. And then he didn't. He said he would raise taxes (but only on 5% of us). And now he has proposed wide ranging tax cuts.

More important at this point is which congressmen are elected in two years.
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