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wow! how lazy or incompentent do you have to be that throwing an extra mag in your pocket is difficult or put you out enough to be inconvenient?
You assume that one must be either lazy or incompetent to feel that carrying a spare mag most of the time is not worth it. How lazy or incompetent do you have to be not to carry a large rock around in your pocket? How lazy or incompetent do you have to be not put a red, a blue, and a green Sharpie in your pocket evey day before you go out?
Often it has nothing to do with lazy or incompetent, it has to do with realizing that there is no need. I guess the counterpoint could be how paranoid and delusional do you have to be to think you need a spare mag with you all the time. Of course that would be a gross mischaracterization of the "extra mag" position, just as "lazy and incompetent" is a gross mischaracterization of the "not needed" position. Strange how one side here keeps resorting to trying to insult the other personally rather than discussing the position on the factual merits and issues. Might make some wonder about how weak their position actually is.
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