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i've actually got the first two apart they were actually pretty simple. the pump 22 got a lot smoother after some lube, still nothing never my remington 870. but not bad for a 70? year old gun. the 1903 after some lube was super smooth i honestly felt as good as new. the barrels all need a good scrubbing. but heck of a find.

just out of my own curiousity what would the 1903 be worth and when would you guess the winchester to be made.

i am quite lucky because also in her collection is a remington 700 in .270 with a monster weaver on it and a winchester o/u 95-12ga
fortunately i've got some leverage, in my collection is a little taurus 85 snub ss that is unofficially hers, every now and then it sports the pink rubber grips.

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