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This is why I am an advocate of 7.62mm rifles for civilian defense. They give the civilian more bang for the buck. And since all the reasons for the 7.62 being eclipsed as a standard issue infantry round are largely or completely inapplicable to civilian defense, a 7.62mm rifle like the FAL or M1A,
I live in a very rural area. I have the option of using various semi auto's in
.223 or .308

I always grab the .223 if I think I need a rifle out back.

If the crap really did hit the fan, although self protection is important, as a society we'll have more important things to try to figure out.

Heck, things THAT bad, probably hard to beat a nice pistol.

you're right, a .308 kicks ass and a 5.56 doesnt.

although since this situation is very unlikely, a 12ga would make more sense
Carrying a decent amount of ammo is a real pain though
slow is fast
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