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Browning BPS with 18" barrel -- good buy?

So I was browsing the used gun rack at a local gun shop today and came across a BPS in 12 gauge with a cut-down barrel. Whoever did the work did a nice job: trimmed it just in front of the vent rib support, filed edges neatly, blued exposed metal, and even threaded the bore for choke tubes! Being a lefty, and growing up in a "Stop foolin' around and get yourself a Browning" household I was quite taken with it. It was marked at $349.99 on consignment, so (being a bottom-feeder grad student on a tight budget) I put it back and kept browsing... and ended up fondling it again.

I dunno, it seems like it would make a pretty nice home defense weapon. The short barrel seems pretty useless for most hunting applications, so it'd be a one-trick pony until I could save up for a longer barrel -- though that's not a huge disadvantage. So, let me throw it out to the hive mind: whattya think? Does $350 sound about right, or should I offer less?

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