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This is why I am an advocate of 7.62mm rifles for civilian defense.
They give the civilian more bang for the buck. And since all the reasons for the 7.62 being eclipsed as a standard issue infantry round are largely or completely inapplicable to civilian defense, a 7.62mm rifle like the FAL or M1A, or even a good bolt action, makes a lot more sense for the majority of civilians.
Lots of folks out there that pretty strongly disagree with most of that line of thinking, and given the evidence I'd tend to agree with them. The 5.56 does a fine job for civilian defensive purposes, which is why so many tend to recommend it for that purpose.
Furthermore, the tactics employed with the round on the battlefield are 100% completely inapplicable to civilian defensive strategy.
Thta is why we don't teach those tactics for civilians, but instead teach other tactics more suited to their needs.
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