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Your right this obviously doesnt mean that you think carrying an extra mag is too costly to justify any benefits.
No, of course not. My point is that we all pick a point at which we compromise our defense. For some to try to argue that there is need to compromise at the 99.9999 mark as opposed to the 99.999 mark just strikes me as rather silly. The cost factor of the extra mag is minimal. The benefit factor is also minimal.
That difference could mean losing your life so if you are willing to risk that than by all means go for it.
Not keeping that .416 Rigby by your chair could mean losing your life when that tiger leaps through your window. Only having 2 magazines instead of 3 could mean losing your life. Only having 32 rounds with you instead of 58 rounds could mean losing your life. Having 2 magazines loaded with 7 rounds of .45 instead of 1 magazine with 17 rounds of 9mm could mean losing your life. Lots of things could mean the difference, but I don't think one should worry much about it.
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