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alright got the guns but don't have the camera at my house. i guarentee i'll have pics up before the night is over. but they're some pretty cool guns.

1. Savage model 15a single shot .22. if i had to guess probably from around the 60-70's, newer style stock. oddly enough i can't for the life of me find a serial number though.

2. Winchester model 90 .22 wrf, pump action, octagon barrel, fair amount of tarnish but after alittle hoppe's the action is decently smooth. serial #789*** has a flip up sight on the grip area of the stock pretty cool. also in that box there are three or so boxes of ammo.

3. Springfield 1903 with c stock, does have a adjustable sight tapped into the back of the reciever. this ones in pretty decent shape overall. i think is a higher serial number 993*** rebarreled in 9-41 with usmc near the front sight. has the circle p proof mark on the stock

one of the kinda odd thing is the boxes they were in looked like marine corp shipping boxes dated around 54, sealed with olive drab tape.

i know this is all useless with out pics. but the gf is bringing a camera over when go to the range to try out an ruger lcp. any info on these of the top of your guys head

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