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What you are advocating, whether you realize it or not, is in fact, a form of militia training: Citizen Response and Reaction Training. I'm actually surprised that Tennessee Gentleman didn't catch that.
Well, I was asleep at the wheel again Al Anyway, you know how I am about the militia anyway so I won't rehash that.

People should not have to relinquish their right, simply because they choose an education or choose to teach or choose to work or choose to shop.
You are completely correct! Any rule or law that forces you to choose between safety and being legal or employed is immoral. I agrued this in the T&T forum and one guy there said I was dishonest! He said I waived my right to self defense in order to enjoy the benefit of employment or whatever. Sounded like the Brady's. Nobody "waives" their right to SD and if they are forced to it is wrong!

For those that want to abrogate my civil right (in the name of private property) to have the means to protect myself, then those people must assume all liability, both civil and criminal. Moreover, these folks need to have in place some sort of proactive protection. Simple liability does nothing to protect me, before the fact.
And may not after the fact! Many companies might be protected by legal precedent from lawsuit which does you no good if you are dead. Ultimately as we all know self-defense is OUR responsibility.

No sir, what I worry about is walking down a half-lit campus street with no recourse to muggings
In my county the NRA and some of us stopped an initiative that would have banned the carrying of legal firearms in county buildings. One of the commissioners I called to complain about this proposed ordinance asked why I needed a gun in the library (one of the places they wanted to prohibit CCW) I told him I needed a gun there for the same reason I needed it in a dark alley or a rest stop on the Interstate at 2:00AM. To protect myself from harm.
"God and the Soldier we adore, in time of trouble but not before. When the danger's past and the wrong been righted, God is forgotten and the Soldier slighted."
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