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Thank you for an interesting and informative report. Looks like a lot of effort and fun went in to it. Your Taurus 22 magnum 4 inch seems a "fast" shooter in terms of FPS, and seems consistent with other Taurus 22 handgun velocity reports that I've read. For instance the Winchester ammo site chronos Super X 22 Mag. out of a 6.5 bbl. at 1480 to your 4 inch's 1384. Don't sell that Taurus.

The only surprise really were the Velocitors. I would have expected above 1100 FPS from your 4 inch. Have not chronoed these myself but hear typical accounts of 1080-1125 range out of 4 inch bbls. for the Velocitor.

You may want to try Aguila Interceptors some time as these 40 grains are rifle bbl. rated at 1470 FPS, just a little more than the Velocitor's 1435.

All in all a very enjoyable read. Thanks.
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