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You see, in order to accept government money, you have to support the government taking that money from someone else. This tells me that you are only opposed to the government interfering in YOUR affairs, while having no objection to the government interfering in MY affairs.
In post #34, I said the following

As a side note, I have my own opinions on on allotment of government money to such institutions, but that's really a separate issue that isn't within the realm of this particular discussion nor is it firearms related.
In post #40, I said this

As I said, I have my own opinions about allotment of government funds to colleges but that's another issue.
Apparently, you didn't quite understand my meaning in those two statements so I'll be blunt about it (Mods, I apologize for the possible thread veer).

I don't like nor do I support the allotment of tax money to supposedly private colleges as their private status is what allows them to charge correspondingly high tuition. I also oppose government bailouts of private companies like Chrysler and GM. So no, I don't feel as though I'm being hypocritical. As far as state colleges go, the way I see it the campus is the government's property and if they don't want guns on it then that is part of their property rights. The nice thing about government colleges is that unlike most other government institutions, if I don't like their policies I have the option to go somewhere else. I do not, however, view violation of the government's property rights as being any more serious than violation of anyone elses. I cannot have someone arrested for bringing something I object to onto my property, all I can do is tell them to take their objectionable object and leave. If they refuse to do so, then I may have them arrested for trespassing but that's another circumstance.
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