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Originally posted by divemedic
I think that a college, being a private property owner, has exclusive right to control its property, and the government has no place intruding on this property, that is until it comes time for the government to pay.
As I said, I have my own opinions about allotment of government funds to colleges but that's another issue. Apparently, you favor government micromanagement of anything and everything that gets any government funding. Under your guidelines, I'd sure hate to be a company that gets a government grant or contract. Remember, government micromanagement can work both ways. The federal government, under your ideals, could just as easily force private compaines (General Motors and Chrysler come to mind) that accept government money to enact draconian firearms policies.

Originally posted by Bruxley
Few colleges and fewer Universities are private. The great majority of Universities are State Universities whether they have the word State in their titles or not. Further, State or private they are PUBLIC settings.

Universities and colleges are not sacrosanct places. they have no properties that make them inherently unique from office buildings, malls, apartment complexes, or amusement parks and few would argue those places should require special treatment when the right to carry (bear arms) is discussed. Colleges and Universities are only set apart because it has the premise of doing so has been accepted, no other reason. And please let's not pull the 'but the CHILDREN' plea, it is hollow in a virtually all adult environment.
And just like malls, apartment complexes, and amusement parks, they do have the right to prohibit firearms on their own property. Please don't misunderstand me, I think such policies are pointless and misguided and I think that having legal reprecussions to violating such policies is stupid as well. However, I think that the situation on college campuses should be similar to that of a business that prohibits firearms on it's premises: someone who violates such policy may be asked to leave and an employee who violates the policy may be dismissed. The other side of the coin is that as a student or educator, I now have the choice to seek out another institution without such inane policy. Unfortunately, under the current circumstances, I don't have that choice as firearms are banned on all campuses by law rather than by individual policy.
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