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One more thing, that's bound to ruffle some feathers on this thread.

Here's my response to the posts on this thread arguing that there need to be special restrictions on which CCW holders can or cannot carry on a college campus because of the "special circumstances" allegedly found on a college campus.

I defer to a higher authority here, specifically David Codrea's statement on his War On Guns blog about the "only ones."

"About "The Only Ones"
The purpose of this feature has never been to bash cops. The only reason I do this is to amass a credible body of evidence to present when those who would deny our right to keep and bear arms use the argument that only government enforcers are professional and trained enough to do so safely and responsibly. And it's also used to illustrate when those of official status, rank or privilege, both in law enforcement and in some other government position, get special breaks not available to we commoners, particularly (but not exclusively) when they're involved in gun-related incidents. "
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