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I am a college faculty member and a concealed carry instructor.

I think every single CCW permit holder should be able to carry on every single inch of a public college or university.

I do not buy the idea of college being any more dangerous to carry in than a crowded McDonald's, or a crowded Wal-Mart, or a public park, or a hardware store, or any other place in public where it is legal to carry, and there are large numbers of people.

As for the scenario of hearing gun shots, pulling your gun, and heading out into the hallway, only to get popped by another over-zealous "do-gooder," I think that's misguided what-iffing.

As a CCW instructor who is also a college faculty member, if I hear shots in my building, and I'm in my classroom, and I have a pistol (not currently legal to have a pistol in my state) I don't go looking for the sound of the shots.

I barricade in my classroom, have students lay on the floor out of the line of the door as much as possible and designate somebody specific to call 9-11 and tell the operator my name, that I'm armed, what building, floor, and room we're in, and what we can hear going on in the building.

I also try to find out how many, if any, of my students have CCW permits and are also packing, and position them around the room strategically.

As far as colleges being "private property owners" that's all well and good until you start talking about colleges paid for, brick by brick, with public tax dollars.

If you're a private institution, well that's one thing.

But a heck of a lot of colleges are funded with public tax dollars.

I am certified by my state to teach the CCW course for my state.

But my state also says that I have to be unarmed at work.

Makes no sense whatsoever.

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