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Few colleges and fewer Universities are private. The great majority of Universities are State Universities whether they have the word State in their titles or not. Further, State or private they are PUBLIC settings.

Universities and colleges are not sacrosanct places. they have no properties that make them inherently unique from office buildings, malls, apartment complexes, or amusement parks and few would argue those places should require special treatment when the right to carry (bear arms) is discussed. Colleges and Universities are only set apart because it has the premise of doing so has been accepted, no other reason. And please let's not pull the 'but the CHILDREN' plea, it is hollow in a virtually all adult environment.

The students, staff, faculty, vendors, contractors, and so on that go onto and off of campuses are no different after arrival then before. Further, the principle of the knowledge that law abiding citizens in a crowd are probably armed in an unknown number will influence someone tempted to act a fool with gun just as well on campus as off when it is common knowledge that those citizens are not restricted to do so as the risk is perceived to be high. The same is true that the knowledge that law abiding citizens are restricted, the risk is far less, events and where they occure pan this out the be true.

A couple more points, first, as campuses are not different then the other public places described above (malls, amusement parks, etc.) there need not be any specialized training required as would be needed in an aircraft.

Second, let us not forget that we carry for DEFENSE of self and others, NOT to clear rooms or secure perimeters. Too often carry gives some a FALSE sense that they are supplemental law enforcement or worse, para military operatives in waiting.

Lastly, in reading I have seen that some feel that the requisite class for concealed carry is supposed to be handgun training. While it would give me a bit of comfort to think that folks were ALL familiar with, and proficient in the use of their firearms it is not the premise of the classes. They are to assure that those people are familiar with the LAWFUL use of their firearms and the CONSEQUENCES of irresponsible use. Namely that they are not supplemental law enforcement nor should they ever take on para military adventures regardless of circumstance.
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