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The more I think about this, the more I realize that we may be mixing up two separate issues. I am adamantly opposed to government mandated "gun free zones" on college campuses. I am, however, equally opposed to the government telling colleges that they must allow their students and faculty to carry on campus. If an individual college wants to pass a school policy banning guns on school grounds, that's their business and someone who disagrees with that policy is free to pursue their education or employment elsewhere. However, sweeping legal reprecussions for carrying on campus I do not support. Basically, I don't think that it's any of the government's business and that it should be left up to the individual institutions with penalties similar to those for violating other school policy (suspension, expulsion, etc.).

Note, I discussed faculty/staff carry - I am still mixed about student carry for several issues regarding the unusual nature of dorm life and the youngest possible carriers (21 years olds) that live on campus. They are in a different social circumstance than the returning mature adult student.
I see this argument quite a bit but I rarely hear of young CCW holders causing any more trouble than older ones. Here in Indiana, a CCW permit is available at age 18 with no class or training requirement and we still don't have any undue problems (I obtained my CCW at this age under these circumstances and never got into trouble more severe than a traffic ticket). I keep coming back to the notion that most people irresponsible enough to be reckless with a firearm are also too irresponsible to bother going through the process to obtain a CCL to begin with. I think you're also buying into a false assumption that older people are inherently more responsible than younger ones. I assure you that I've met several people well into their fifth and sixth decades of life who still did not have a responsible bone in their bodies as well as teenagers who were far more responsible than the majority of the adults I've met.
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