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A hit with 22LR is better then a miss with 500SW.....Some of you guys and gals will never ever grasp that shootings are dynamic situations. You can not control the chemical enhancements of the person being shot? or body armor? or even heavy winter can debate this till the cows come home....SIMPLY PUT YOU SHOOT TO TERMINATE THE AGGRESSION! Nothing more nothing less.....anyone that debates that is foolish and or just has NO clue.

I have seen more then a few people shot in my career as a paramedic and RN in ED. So, I can heartily state that yeah shot placement matters more then anything.... I have seen people take multple hits from 9mm at PB with heavy leather coat and suffered nothing more then welts.....or a guy show at near PD with birdshot wearing a Carhartt work coat, or the guy that took one 45ACP HS to the heart and was DRT! Or the gal that was shot multiple times with a 40 and some buck shot and was still very much alive.

There are TOO MANY VARIABLES to say anything more...then shoot till you terminate the aggression!

People die of one thing anoxia! If the body can not transport oxygen well.....let me think now....what carries oxygen....oh yeah hemoglobin. That is in the blood. So, you have to either cut the motor....destroy the CNS or you bleed them out or destroy the pump.....
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