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I'm kind of old, and, knowing I would go to jail if I pull a firearm, I'm STILL not going to sit there and let someone kill people. Well, maybe if I was in Congress...The sad part is I might have to wait until the guy actually shoots someone prior to engaging him, so that when the Monday Morning quarterbacking in the legal system see my actions, I have a solid basis for self-defense, or defense of others, that is not arguable.

I'd even pay to take it. Edit: I meant to imply here that the training would be for the right to carry on campus. I do not advocate in any way restricting existing rights to carry elsewhere.
We are already way down this slippery slope, and the deaths at campus', due to mad man shootings are already a matter of record. All these laws do is restrict the ability of law abiding citizens to protect themselves. Adding another layer of training, and or expense, is against the concept of Equal Protection.
It is NOT a perfect world, but, there is NOTHING reasonable about a ban on carrying firearms on campus, and the morons we elect to congress may get the warm and fuzzies when they pen such idiotic legislation, but, all it does is make schools a free fire zone. In this not so perfect world, we will not have perfectly trained citizens, unless we adapt the Swiss mode of training, and citizenship.

What really needs to be done is the knee jerk, stupid laws against carry on campus need to be revoked, and, we make up for in quanity what we lack in quality.

I can't help but think of the Airplane scene where the bad guy pulls a gun, and EVERYONE in the airplane draws on him. THAT would be a very sobbering, or short lived experience.
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