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i actualy have heard of a version of this. i am not saying i am in agrement with it. but the philosophy behind the self defense aplication of this is:

you look just over the sights

as you draw and come up on target you fire two rounds into the pelvic area. the theory i was told that this is the fastest way to get acurate rounds on target in a damaging area. the weight of the body rest on this point. if your lucky enough to damage the bone structure the body will begin to fall and bad guys don't shoot well when falling.

after two very quick rounds to the pelvic area (basicaly the gun just continues up without stopping) you then deliver several to the chest and continue up to the head. if you feel the threat is still there.

it is a very fast fire method. i have shot this at the range and surprisingly i shot very acurate out to some long ranges.
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