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They only training needed for ccw

Beyond competent operation of the firearm is a through grounding in your legal rights and responsibilities. Period. NO training in tactics is required, nor should it be. As previously stated, the armed citizen is not a replacement LEO, nor are they intended to be.

All the citizen should be required to know is their legal role, their responsibility, should they need to fire in defense of self or others. ALL else is a personal decision of the individual, and should not be mandated by the state, or a university, in order to exercise the basic human right of self defense.

I can see no difference in a university, shool, mall, or any other location. Law abiding armed citizens are not a problem. If a ccw holder acts as a LEO, or some wanna be Rambo, and violates the law, come down on him like the hammer of the gods. Otherwise, ignore them.

Also as previously stated, the idea that one cannot have a gun on campus, while being legally able to do so other places is nothing more than pure bald faced elitism. College kids and professors are special and need to be more protected than the public at large? I, for one, heartily disagree.
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