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I have been thinning my 8MM Mauser downs and have 14 now
One is a repro K98k sniper, 4 are mostly matching, 4 are RC K98k, 3 are M24/47 and 2 are M48s (one is a BO)
I also have 2 K98k and one VZ24 converted to 308 with new Norwegian K98k NATO barrels. The VZ24 is in K98k configuration

No offense, there is no such thing as an RC that is 80-90% matching.
They were stripped to the last part and only the barrel remained with the receiver. Russian electro pencil is not considered a match. It would be easier to find a lost winning lotto ticket that an 80% matched RC.

I will sell 3 of the 4 RCs at some point but one will remain with me.
The pictured BYF42.
It has no "X", I removed the RC blue, refinished the stock, replaced the bolt with an all matching bolt, replaced the trigger guard and floor plate with a set that matches each other and changed other parts so all parts are Oberndorf and same WaA inspection stamps.
Why do all this? I was getting some 3 inch groups at 200 yards iron sites.
I since put a scout rifle mount on it and first 5 round group was 1.5 inches all with Yugo 50's ammo.

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