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1. A gunfight on a campus is likely to be a completely different animal than an armed citizen self defense scenario.
2. The qualification for concealed carry (in Florida at least) does not address this situation well (frankly, I don't think it addresses any situation well)
3. A number of competent and self-equipped firearms owners is probably the most cost effective way to elevate the level of security on campus.
4. I think that these issues would be addressed by the program I am advocating.
You're going on a lot of assumptions here. I think Tennessee Gentleman has a good point in that you're assuming that a Campus CCW holder is going to actively engage an opponent. I agree with TG that he/she is far more likely to try and get away from the attacker rather than go looking for him. Also, you're assuming that a "Whacko with a gun" is the most likely scenario. I'd be willing to bet that the vast majority of violent crimes that occur on campuses are the same types that occur elsewhere. While horrific and highly publicized, the "Whacko with a gun mass murder" situation is in fact quite rare. That being the case, I really don't see how CCW on campus is all that different from CCW in any other crowded place. Florida's current CCW programs seems to work pretty well in other crowded places so I don't see why the same wouldn't be true on a college campus. Heck, here in Indiana, there is no class or training requirement at all, just pass the background check and pay the fee. Guess what, we don't seem to have too many problems either. I think something that is often overlooked is that by and large people who would do irresponsible things with a firearm either can't get a permit to begin with or are too irresponsible/lazy to bother with getting it. That being the case, the majority of irresponsible gun carriers are doing so illegally in the first place.
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