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To me the issue boils down to one that is often debated on TFL.

That is; does having a CCW equate to acting like a LEO? I and many others (most I think) say NO! Having a CCW is NOT the same as being a LEO. Therefore the dynamics of just about any gunfight would be different between a LEO and CCW.

lwestatbus, this is where the scenarios and such get fuzzy. I have a CCW to protect MY life and perhaps my family if they are with me. PERIOD.

The issue that antis and others raise about innocent bystanders arise from a perception that if students or faculty are armed and they hear gunshots on campus they will race pell mell to the sound of the guns with their own CCWs blazing away, shooting innocents and then getting shot by each other or LEOs who are responding like a bunch of Keystone Cops.

Frankly, I think that fear is overblown and most all CCW holders would just hunker down and fire only if the threat approaches them directly and they could not retreat. Even the most rudimentary CCW classes teach that I believe (hope!). Now, if you are talking about tactically engaging a shooter not directly threatening you then the training stuff comes into play I think.

So, I think the idea of innocents being harmed by CCW folks in a gunfight with an active shooter may not be as big as some think. I do think that a CCW might stop an active shooter from killing more students and teachers and that would be a good thing.

Good enough of a social benefit to allow CCW on campus IMO.
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