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I see a possibility of stepping onto a slippery slope by requiring extra classes for carrying on a college campus.

I carry in wal-mart. It's crowded, right? How about a movie theater? A grocery store? A restaurant? A bus?

Today I have options. I can get more training if I feel I would intervene in a very unlikely mass shooting. If not, I choose to stand by. Or I can shoot and risk injuring or killing a bystander, but stop a massacre like in Luby's, McDonald's, or VT.

As it is if I feel I don't have the training required I can still carry into Wal-mart and defend myself at the ATM on the way there or in the parking lot- these scenarios are much more likely, anyway.

Same thing with a college campus. Why require $1000+ training for a college girl to carry a pistol in her purse to defend herself against a rape or robbery in the parking lot at night? And if she does get into a situation in which she needs to shoot a nutcase in the classroom, let her shoot me by accident- at least the guy doesn't get to kill thirty people hiding under their desks.
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