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As a student here in Alabama the university I attend/attended (I'm debating on transfering) does not have a restriction on firearms in vehicles, but does have an anti-carry policy. No training is required for a CCW in Alabama.

I would like people who carry firearms to have some training, and I would like to have more formal training myself, but I don't think it should be a requirement for a CCW.

I wouldn't mind seeing a law here in Alabama that would allow one to carry a firearm concealed and openly anywhere, anytime (excluding private definition being property that doesn't benefit from tax revenues) provided they successfully completed the firearms training required by, say, the Alabama Department o Public Safety (State Troopers) along with passing rigorous backround checks and successfully completeing a course on the legal use of force in the state.

Edited to say: I wouldn't even mind throwing in a fingerprint card if such a law were passed.
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