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Great Discussion

Some interesting ideas developing here. I thought I'd post a few responses.

Scopri: I have no doubt that some choose to carry despite the laws and this person would truly find themselves in a difficult position. I kind of hope that reason would prevail.

Don H & DiveMedic: Your responses caused me to reread my post and add an edit to the original. I do not advocate in any way restricting whatever general rights to carry may exist. I am advocating an incremental permit level for campus carry. By the way, my personal reservation price (an economics term) for what I would be willing to pay for such training would probably be in the $500 range. I'd be willing to pay more if I were younger but at 54 the annualized cost of the benefit would be higher than if I were in my 30s.

blume357: "I don't think there is another place in our country with a greater concentration of idiots... " I couldn't agree more. And the faculty are right up in there. There is zero correlation between temperment and common sense and the ability to earn a Ph.D.

divemedic: To me 60 days is a long time. And I will not put my trust in what a court might decide to do. On a personal level, this would also result in the loss of my job, one of the best jobs in the world.

This thread has sparked some discussion (good) and seems to have touched a couple of nerves. I'd like to restate my position with a couple of points:
  1. A gunfight on a campus is likely to be a completely different animal than an armed citizen self defense scenario.
  2. The qualification for concealed carry (in Florida at least) does not address this situation well (frankly, I don't think it addresses any situation well)
  3. A number of competent and self-equipped firearms owners is probably the most cost effective way to elevate the level of security on campus.
  4. I think that these issues would be addressed by the program I am advocating.

A Scenario: You are in a classroom where the only door leads to a hallway that has a number of other classrooms in it. You hear the unmistakable sound of gunshots and you know they are in your building. You draw your pistol and go to the door where you see a half dozen shocked people and someone steps out of another classroom holding a pistol. There are people between you and this person and one behind them. Now what do you do, Ranger? (This is what the instructors would ask us at uncomfortable moments in Ranger school.) Are you trained to deal with this situation? If the other person is a good guy is he/she trained to deal with it?
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