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My concern is essentially that while campuses are target rich environments for wackos with a death wish they are also innocent backstop rich environments for untrained good guys in a high pressure situation.
That is voiced as a common concern and it -sounds- reasonable doesn't it.
However the "innocent backstop" scenario is yet another in a long line of "but this might possibly, maybe, has a chance, of happening" or "but what if" scenarios.

There are several, well publicized times a citizen has stopped a wacko without all of the collateral damage some folks seem so concerned about. (and just FYI, there are even more times when this has happened and been ignored by the media because it wasn't "jucy" enough).

Along the same lines, right after Va Tech a girl was interviewed and asked if concealed carry should have been allowed on campus. She said "No way, more guns wouldn't have helped, it would have just made matters worse". Personally, when a loony is lining folks up and executing them I don't see how someone else, able to oppose him, could have possibly made things worse.

I'll take my chances with the "cross-fire" any day over the scenario of one crazy murderer running around able to casually select his targets at will.

I say this because I was young and stupid once and I really don't think most college students could be trained or qualified enough to safely carry.
I know at least 25 returning vets enrolled, the oldest one being 27. I DARE you to stand in front of them and make that statement.

Additionally, I am neither young nor stupid (former LE, have been licensed for CC for a LONG time) and yet the blanket rule also places me in the "young/stupid/can't be trusted" category the instant I set foot on the campus where I now work.

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