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Cruffler goes Berserk.

Suicide by cop? Otherwise, what would posess someone to be so stupid?

I mean, I'm a history buff myself but would'nt run around in a Buddyeny
helmet pointing Nagants at cops

Seattle police fatally shoot armed history buff

Associated Press - January 3, 2009 2:33 AM ET

SEATTLE (AP) - Friends and family say a University of Washington student wearing a vintage German military uniform when he was fatally shot by police New Year's Day was a harmless, eccentric history buff.

Seattle police converged on Miles Murphy's apartment after receiving complaints that several men were firing rifle and shotgun rounds into the air.

Authorities say Murphy emerged from inside and pointed a World War II-era rifle at police. They say when he refused several orders to drop the weapon, officers opened fire.

Police say a search of his place turned up alcohol, live ammunition and a large collection of German, Russian and Nazi memorabilia.

A friend tells the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Murphy wasn't a Nazi, just someone "fascinated with the past." Another friend says Murphy wanted to be a German literature professor and had a large collection of WWII memorabilia.

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