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Originally Posted by lwestatbus
So what to do? I'd like to see a program similar to that adopted for airline pilots. Allow individuals to carry after being trained, really trained. Armed competent civilians are the most cost effective source of security in environments with lots of people (targets), low densities of attack, and difficult policing challenges. I'd take the course. I'd even pay to take it.
It sounds an awful lot like you're saying that people who can't afford the comprehensive mandated training shouldn't be allowed to carry. Right?

So, if the state mandated a program that cost, say, $10,000, (120 hours should be adequate for classroom and hands-on training, don't you think?) that would be fine? And don't forget the annual refresher and qualification at only $2,500/yr.

'Course, I guesss it all depends on who's defining exactly what "competent" and "really trained" means.
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