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That's an M94 as mentioned earlier if it has the 18" (17.7") barrel. Yes the M94/M96 action is tough: it is *not* an 1893 action, the Swede is it's own creature and is the epitome of the small ring Mausers. Now, having shot highpower with a Swede, albeit the target model of the M96 they sell with aperture sights, I'd highly recommend selling the carbine and getting something more likely for the task. Don't get me wrong, I worship the 6.5x55 round (especially in a modern rifle) but I found that getting a good rear sight to fit the Swede wasn't easy, and in the rapids moving my head out of the way of that long bolt throw was a hindrance, and trigger selection was limited too. Anyway, not quite what you asked, but that was my experience with it. Of course, I still have my match M96 and still love it and shoot it occasionally, but since replaced it for highpower with a spacegun.

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