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Great info and appreciate you sharing that advice.

I have the G29 in front of me now and it's like this: With the slide forward and in to battery with an empty chamber, I insert a full (10) magazine. There's significant resistance in seating the magazine. I can seat it, for sure, but compared a mag with 9 rounds, the resistance is MUCH greater.

After the magazine is inserted, the resistance in pulling the slide to the rear, to slingshot the slide and load the pistol is also increased. Not impossible for sure, but without a doubt, there's more resistance than when racking the slide with any lesser number of rounds in the magazine.

It's a Glock, I'm sure it would feed under MUCH worse conditions, but those are things I've noticed and it's easy to feel the difference and the increased resistance.

Anyway, I'm sure you are correct and I've just over-thought the situation. But I wonder if an 8-year pistol (or better yet, an 8-year old magazine) offers the same amount of added pull weight?

Try it yourself, see if you notice the difference.
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