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Hate to say it but i'm glad its over. This season i hunted 4 days out of 7 if not more. I have taken more "no smell" showers and bought more darned deer pee than the last 10 years put together. I hunted before work and worked 1/2 days to be back in the woods by 3. Every sat. and of course i've gotten nothing done around the house. The wife's been patient but...

I took some nice ones and it was all wonderful time well spent but now i'm going to focus on working a bit more, getting some projects completed and priming the wife for whats to come in 8 months

I'm looking forward to hunting things that can't smell me. Some squirrels are gonna pay for the corn they've eaten and the turkeys i've been watching are gonna be mine in a few months. Airgunning pests is a good pastime and of course theres scouting to do as well as new stands to be built and some food plots to be put in; Fishing will fill in inbetween. Gonna be busy till next deer season...J.R.
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